We work with many MOC designers around the world to make professional stickers for the latest models. All our newly made products are tested and approved by the designers themselves, so you know you’re getting the best quality product. Now available for all your custom sticker design and print service needs, for custom Lego mocs, or even bulk order pre-cut sticker sheets. Have you created your own custom model and want some stickers? We’re here to help. Offering consultations for design and print services.
Once you contact us, we can get a quote for you, pricing will be dependent on a few factors: how complicated and detailed the artwork, the quantity needed and the deadline you need them by. A photo, imagination or a description and a few emails are enough to make the plans a reality! (trademark rules may apply) If you want to order a custom sticker  – be 1 or 1000 pieces – please feel free to set up a consultation with us.
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