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One time built model with full chrome original parts.

Technical data:

– Features skeletal silhouette, pistoned limbs, flexible hosing, and signature skull-like head
– Terminator has 28 points of articulation including moving fingers and a flexible waist
– Dynamic piston supports in torso elongate or compress depending on body position
– Includes a detachable weapon that fits perfectly in Terminator’s grip
– Model features a dirt terrain base to enhance its stability
– Figurine stands more than 13″ (35cm) tall

– All original lego parts what you need to the built
– Most lego parts are chromed except for the wrist, chromed by @bubul_chrome_
– Printed instruction (for the holder)
– Incl. unique 3d printed and hand painted brain chip
– Incl. unique laser cutted brain chip tag
– Built once video on youtube by @epitsd_fel (link below)
– 3,5 € worldwide shipping
– Just 1 set for sale !!!

Design by:

Original chrome parts by:
Bubul Chrome

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